Our Office

Patient Comforts

At our dental practice, we go the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable and cared for during your visit. Dr. Michael Bodentsteiner is the most caring of Visalia dentists, and is always putting your needs first.

Putting You at Ease

Our primary goal is to build trust and relieve any anxieties that you may have. We know some people are nervous about dental visits, but we show you that you don’t have to be. After patients have experienced Dr. Bodensteiner’s gentle dentistry, the anxiety vanishes.
Oral conscious sedation is a popular option and we find that most patients only need it once. Topical gels and other remedies help as well in this regard.

We want your dental experience to be pleasant. We have many amenities to help make your time in our office fly by.

Finally, you can relax at the dentist’s

Some of the ways we make your appointment more comfortable are:

  • Satellite TV and movies in all of our rooms
  • Headphones so you can listen to your favorite music
  • Plush Neck Buddy pillows for top-of-the-line comfort
  • Snug blankets to get you settled in
  • Bottled water in our lobby

On top of these, we also make other aspects of your dental visit convenient too, such as convenient payment and insurance options and on-site parking. Plus, you can email your forms to us before you even walk through the door, which saves you time.

Treating More than Just Smiles

Although we seek to give all of our patients the perfect smile for them, we go far beyond cosmetic dentistry. We seek to treat your overall health through dentistry as well. This includes services such as TMD treatment for those suffering from debilitating headaches. Because your oral hygiene is connected to your overall health (oral systemic link), we want ensure you have the best dental health possible.

Looking for a Dentist in Visalia CA? Our office is conveniently located in beautiful Carmel Plaza off of Demaree, south of Caldwell and Home Depot. Come visit Dr. Bodensteiner and your Visalia dental team and see why we are truly a patient first practice.