Welcome to our blog!  Here, our dental team will be keeping you up-to-date on the latest advancements in cosmetic and general dentistry. One of my passions as a dentist is helping people learn more about their dental careor rather dental health care.  I help my patients understand their body and the health of their teeth are directly related to their physical health and well being.  It's a fact people now realize.  I encourage you to post any comments or questions about dental services and techniques, and we'll be happy to answer them. Your posts are what make this blog so helpful to so many patients. Being a dentist is a rewarding experience. I have the privilege of helping people get back the function they were missing, and get a new sense of self-confidence. I look forward to helping you.

Cosmetic Dentistry Case of the Month

Today's Case of the Month is a real example of how dentistry can help a person in many ways. Our patient came to us with neuromuscular and bite problems, commonly referred to as TMJ symptoms. Over the years, her bite had begun to collapse and she experienced several consequences. As her back jaw and back teeth began to deteriorate, her upper teeth lost the support they required and began to drift out of position. Teeth that were straight became crooked. Eventually, her smile not only eroded her self-confidence because of large gaps, missing teeth, and front teeth that appeared too long - but her function and ability to chew became severely compromised. Her family helped her realize that she really deserved to make herself the priority. By using IV sedation dentistry, she was able to comfortably receive beautiful dental implants. These replaced the missing teeth, provided support to her jaw and bite, and will prevent boneloss down the road. Oral conscious sedation through medication, helped her to relax through the treatments that followed, without jaw pain, muscle soreness and stiffness. And while our patient didn't require sedation dentistry for anxiety reasons, oral conscious sedation was a wonderful and safe way to complete her longer dental procedures with much more comfort. With implants, bridges, and beautiful porcelain crowns provided by her oral surgeon and dentist, she has now completed most of her treatment plan. The journey to give her back the ability to eat normally again and smile without any embarrassment, has nearly been completed. As a dentist, we wanted her to see long-term results with the most effective and comfortable treatment plan. This meant providing temporaries, allowing the implants adequate time to heal, and moving forward in increments - so the repositioning was more comfortable, without causing any pain or stress. By replacing missing teeth through implants, bridges and crowns, and straightening teeth, her TMJ treatment has also been a success. These dental solutions have helped return her teeth to a more supportive bite position. She tells us that she feels like her smile looks like she's in her 20s again, and loves to smile now. As a dentist, I appreciate seeing how cosmetic dentistry has helped her change how she feels about herself. In fact, dentistry has been able to help her function, eat better, and enjoy better whole-body health. We want everyone to feel and look their best. Everyone deserves a beautiful smile, and deserves to enjoy life without discomfort or function problems. If you have any questions about your dental health or any dissatisfaction with your smile, we encourage you to contact our team. --Dr. B. and Dental Team