woman smiling while pointing at her teeethOne...two....three...Smile! Do those words cause panic and bring your lips tightly together? If so, take heart that Dr. Bodensteiner and his dental team have allayed those fears for numerous people through dental implants in Visalia. Badly diseased or missing teeth can adversely affect your quality of life due to pain, along with physical and self-esteem issues. How do dental implants help? By getting to the “root” of the problem (sorry, a little dental humor). The implants, made of titanium, act like anchors to hold the natural looking porcelain crowns in place. The result? You will have your smile back with gorgeous, natural looking teeth. Furthermore, dental implants help prevent the shifting of other teeth. They offer comfort, stability, restored chewing ability, and result in a more natural appearance of your face. Not to be overlooked is the drastic improvement in the way you will feel both physically and emotionally. Contact us if you live in or close to the area of Visalia, and let us help you see if dental implants are an option for you. We will be more than happy to help you be proud to show off your teeth. One...two...three... Smile!