Crowns Visalia In the past, visiting the dentist for a crown fitting was a lengthy, stressful ordeal. But through modern technology known as the CEREC system, crowns for Visalia residents can be placed in one visit by experts such as Dr. Bodensteiner. The CEREC system (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a high tech procedure that uses digital imaging and computer technology to scan damaged or broken teeth. Once a 3D digital image is made of the damaged tooth, a dentist/computer developed restoration can be created right in the office of cosmetic dentist Dr. Bodensteiner. This custom-made CEREC porcelain restoration will fit your tooth perfectly, and replace any missing part of the natural tooth. With a natural color that matches your existing teeth, this amazing restoration is simply bonded directly to the tooth surface. They are durable, resist staining, and can once again restore your smile to one that you are proud of. The most amazing part of the CEREC system is that from start to finish, the creation and fitting of your new porcelain restorations can be accomplished in just one dental visit, even in as little as one hour. Thanks to modern technology such as the CEREC system, saving a tooth by fitting a custom-made, natural looking crown has never been easier. In just one brief visit, CEREC expert Dr. Bodensteiner can provide crowns for Visalia residents that will keep them smiling for a long time.