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Get the Jump on Your Dental Insurance’s “Reset Button!”

Whoa-ah! Hit “pause” on your hectic schedule to consider an important reminder from your favorite dentist. The kids are back in school, your summer vacation is a fading memory, the weather’s changing…what might you be forgetting?

Could it be your dental insurance plan is about to reset with the coming new year? Did you take full advantage of its provisions this year to ensure your family received the best in oral health care? Was anyone forgotten in the check-up and professional cleaning routine? Does Susie need braces and you’ve procrastinated?

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What’s in Your Plan?

Many dental insurance policies allow for two preventative dental checkups per year, including professional cleanings for eliminating plaque. This is invaluable in terms of preserving a healthy smile for children and adults alike. Make use of it!

Smart Staggering

If someone within your plan requires extensive work that needs to be performed in multiple phases, it may be astute on your part to stagger it between one year and the next so you don’t exceed any policy limits.

Do you require assistance in mastering the timing of these phased treatments? If you feel overwhelmed in trying to interpret your dental insurance policy and how to maximize its benefits, just ask our dental team for help! We can help you wrap this year up with the smile you’ve been putting off.

Dr. Michael Bodensteiner is a top dentist in Visalia, CA and always offers exceptional dentistry to all his patients. Use your insurance benefits today.

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