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Get Crowned in a Day at our Visalia Dental Clinic!

Visalia DentalWhen time is money, you rejoice in efficiency! Dr. Bodensteiner offers Visalia residents dental care of the highest quality while considering your busy lifestyle.

It used to be that dental crowns required multiple trips to the dentist. Remember a mold containing a sticky material being awkwardly inserted into your mouth in order to get an impression of your tooth? Later it was couriered to an outside laboratory to wait its turn for milling. Meanwhile, you endured having a temporary crown placed and waited up to 3 weeks before having it removed and a permanent one installed. This resulted in excessive time in the dentist’s chair, additional procedures and discomfort.

Dr. Bodensteiner skips the hassle and offers you the clear advantages of a state-of-the-art system known as CEREC. What takes other clinics weeks to complete, he can do in a day! How is this possible?

Say good-bye to untidy, gummy impression compounds! While you sit back, we will quickly and painlessly scan your prepared tooth and the surrounding area with a specially designed precision laser, then wirelessly send the data to our in-office milling station and fabricate your highly accurate crown restoration all while you wait!

This exceptional quality crown can be colored and polished to match the shade and luster of your natural teeth. So why waste time on multiple visits when one will do? Dr. Bodensteiner brings Visalia the best dental care around; it’s time you took advantage of it!


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