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Local Kids Fair Benefits from Dentist of Visalia–How?

Your dentist in Visalia in action promoting childhood oral healthAs an active father of five, your dentist in Visalia is the first to recognize the importance of promoting oral health within even the youngest of mouths. Therefore it seemed a natural fit to join the local community at the September 8, 2012 Kids Fair (sponsored by Tulare County Association of Realtors Benefitting: Jeff Barnes Head Injury Foundation and The Salvation Army). What did Dr. Bodensteiner hope to accomplish by attractively arranging his own booth?

Aside from the delights of the “bouncy house” and free goodies, it was a fun and casual environment to acquaint children with the important role their unintimidating dentist plays in helping them along the road to becoming healthy adults.

This is not the first time Dr. Bodensteiner has reached out to local communities. He was also one of the key team members of a USC Mobile Dental Clinic, serving thousands of needy children throughout California. In fact, it was during this community service that he fell in love with his wife, Rebecca.

Of course, it’s not only young mouths that benefit from Dr. Bodensteiner’s offered dental services. His booth at the Kids Fair served as a reminder to sponsoring realtors and parents alike regarding the benefits of making oral health a priority.

Dazzling the world with a healthy smile may only require professional teeth whitening, or in some case more extensive work. Whatever the case, Dr. Bodensteiner is the dentist Visalia and outlying area professionals and families alike can go to for all their dental needs. Make contact today!

Your dentist for Visalia highlighting the importance of family


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