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Non-Frightening Root Canals in Visalia by Endodontics Team

Visalia EndodonticsWhen do residents of Visalia need Endodontics? When trauma or decay damages the nerve and blood supply within a tooth, it becomes vulnerable to harmful bacteria. Unhealthy symptoms then develop. What are they?

Normally when you have the beginnings of an infection, your body sends white blood cells to the rescue through your existing blood vessels. However, when the vessels themselves are damaged (such as within a tooth) this saving force has no hope of reaching the source of the problem. An abscess then develops.

While the battle rages within a very tiny area, the pressure increases steadily and therefore becomes painful. To resolve the situation, a dentist has two options: extract the tooth and subsequently remove the infection; or treat the compromised roots and try to save part of the tooth.

In a root canal treatment, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sterilized. Then a “plug” is built up to seal the space inside the tooth, preventing any further bacterial infections. What will this process feel like?

When performed by our highly skilled technician, residents of Visalia learn how Endodontics can be a non-traumatic experience, similar in sensation to receiving a regular filling. Learn more at the clinic of Dr. Bodensteiner today!


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