Cosmetic Dentistry |1 min read

“Point A” to Whiter, Brighter Teeth

When you look in the mirror every morning, do you see any discolored teeth? Do they irk you at all? Do you wish you could have a uniformly bright, natural smile? Of all the cosmetic options available to our Tulare and Visalia dental patients and capable of restoring your naturally glowing smile, did you know that the Zoom® Teeth Whitening System is by far the most cost- and time-effective solution? It is the quickest “Point A-B” cosmetic option. In less than one hour you can leave our Visalia dental office with a smile 5-8 shades brighter than it was when you arrived. That’s pretty impressive! If you want to maintain or improve that brightness, simply let our office fashion a pair of custom trays that you can take home and wear on occasion. That’s what I like to call our “Point A to Point Z” solution.

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