Professional Dental Cleanings are Crucial- by Rebecca, Registered Dental Hygienist

While it is essential to brush and floss regularly so is having professional dental cleanings to prevent and control periodontitis(gum disease). Even the best of brushers and flossers need cleanings, because nothing can get under the gums and remove plaque, calculus(tarter), and destructive bacteria like dental instruments can. Stinky, destructive bacteria are present in our mouths around the teeth and beyond the gumline. Some people get their teeth cleaned more often than others. This is because they have deeper pockets(areas where gums pull away from teeth). If bacteria stay in the pockets more attachment can be destroyed(eaten)thus,creating more pocket depth. The bacteria can eventually get so deep it invades the bone that hold the teeth in place. And without all the bone support we are suppose to have teeth can get wiggly and start looking crooked and long…and even fall out. Yikes! Don’t get worried just get your teeth cleaned routinely and stay informed. Dr. Bodensteiner and his team are here to help and take excellent care of your teeth and gums. Dr. bodensteiner and his team are educated and trained to provide you with the best dental healthcare available.

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