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Shifting Shape, Size, Shade–Cosmetic Dentistry Offer to Visalia

Relaxing with cosmetic dentistry in Visalia on your sideCosmetic dentistry offers Visalia families the means to alter the size, shape, and shade of objectionable teeth. How can Dr. Bodensteiner help?

Super-thin porcelain shells can eliminate undesired gaps, chips, a lack of uniformity and discolorations unresponsive to whitening procedures. What are these magnificent innovations called? Porcelain veneers.

Yet for some, a dental veneer is not an option. What factors can eliminate this as a possibility? Would your situation fall into that category?

  • If there is too much decay or fracture within the tooth structure, a porcelain veneer that only partially covers the tooth simply will not last.
  • Someone in the habit of clenching or grinding their teeth (often while they sleep) may produce enough force to repeatedly dislodge or damage any veneer a dentist places.

What is the alternative? Also capable of altering the size, shape and shade of teeth while maintaining excellent durability are dental crowns!

Where veneers serve a purely aesthetic purpose and therefore are bonded only to the most outwardly visible portion of a tooth, dental crowns go further in providing strength and protection to the whole tooth while presenting a most pleasing appearance.

Crowns are fabricated outside the mouth, allowing for use of strong restorative materials and methods such as the intense heat required in the firing process. The sheen and color can also be matched to your natural teeth, leaving you with a smile you’ll be proud to put on exhibition for reciprocation!

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