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Thwart Deadly Disease Visalia with These Dental Hygiene Habits

Visalia Dental Hygiene Did you know residents of Visalia, that proper dental hygiene and follow-up treatment is estimated by some studies to increase your life expectancy by 10 years or more?

Researchers have discovered an important connection between periodontal (or gum) disease and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pre-term low birth weight babies, cancers, Alzheimer’s, respiratory disease, kidney disease plus others. In other words, the state of your oral health seriously impacts your overall health.

Is this not a good reason to regularly visit the clinic of Dr. Bodensteiner in Visalia to receive professional cleanings and check-ups? Any bad habits you are developing can be ‘nipped in the bud’ as our qualified staff educate you regarding weak areas manifesting in your oral health and teach you effective dental hygiene skills to improve the situation.

We can help monitor the state of your dental health and provide periodontal treatments for any dangerous bacterial infections that may be festering within your gum’s tissues. This treatment need not be painful to be effective. Enhance your immune system and overall health today!

Educating our neighbors in Visalia about dental hygiene has helped patients thwart deadly diseases capable of seriously impeding their lifestyle or life itself. Learn more today!


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