Teeth Whitening

What special event do you have coming up? Maybe a wedding or prom? Or possibly a family reunion or family photos? It’s only natural to want to show off a whiter smile! From teenagers to adults, many of our patients have benefited from teeth whitening. Visalia dentist Dr. Michael Bodensteiner offers custom whitening just for you.

Brighter Advantages

Many enjoy the following advantages of professional teeth whitening:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • No more stained, discolored, or yellow teeth
  • Customized procedure
  • Quick results

Zoom Zoom!

Our practice uses the effective in-office ZOOM! whitening system. Worldwide, more than 10 million patients have used and prefer ZOOM! whitening over all other types of whitening systems. Why do we prefer ZOOM? Because of the quick, dramatic, and effective results. Within just one hour, your teeth can be up to10 shades whiter! With your customized trays and a special designed light, bleaching is done correctly right from the start.

Comfort In Your Home

For future touch ups, we also provide take-home custom made ZOOM! whitening trays. Some patients may even opt for our Day White and Nite White at home whitening options instead of in-office ZOOM! The whitening process is a little slower, but the results are just as gorgeous! Some patients may worry about harming their teeth, but teeth whitening is safe and secure. Especially with Dr. Bodensteiner following up with you and adjusting as necessary!

Whether you have a big day coming up or you simply desire a more youthful and brighter smile, teeth whitening can be your solution! With Dr. Michael Bodensteiner you can achieve professional, guaranteed, and whiter results within minutes.

Call today and see how teeth whitening in Visalia can change your life!