Family Dentistry

Our Family Dentistry Services

Your family dentist in Visalia

As a family dentist in Visalia, CA, Dr. Bodensteiner looks forward to treating your entire family from children to seniors. Knowing your whole family helps us gain a better picture of your oral health.

What are the benefits of your entire family having Dr. B as their dentist?

  • Peace of mind your family is seeing a good dentist
  • We can schedule your family’s appointments at the same time or back-to-back
  • Better understanding of family dental history

Dr. Bodensteiner is experienced in all aspects of dental treatment. Whether you need major restorations, to give your smile a cosmetic boost, or regular dental cleanings and exams, we are here for you.

Let us be your dentist for life

Dr. B. enjoys getting to know each and every one of his patients and their families. From the time you walk through our door and are greeted by our friendly receptionist, to your appointment with Dr. B., you will feel at home in our office.  By getting to know our patients further than just their oral health, Dr. B. is able to recommend the best treatment plans for your unique needs and goals.

There are many forms of dental care, but our Visalia family dentistry will take care of those that mean the most to you.  Call us today to schedule your appointment.