Dental Hygiene

Keep your smile healthy and achieve maximum dental health.
Patients have their teeth cleaned because bacteria not removed can cause disease in teeth and gums.
Dr. Bodensteiner doing a dental hygiene visit, cleaning a patient's teeth

Examinations and cleanings

More frequent dental cleanings will remove odorous bacteria and food particles from gum pockets below the gumline by scaling the teeth with dental instruments specially designed to fit beneath the gumline. When you have your teeth cleaned, you are also reducing your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Dr. Bodensteiner explains, “Having your teeth cleaned professionally and on a regular basis is critical and many times not given enough consideration.”

Reduce chances for bone and gum loss

Although these oral enemies may start out invisible, their existence is undeniable. With good oral hygiene consisting of regular brushing, flossing, cleanings, and dental exams, the following can be avoided:

  • Cavities- decayed areas of the tooth that usually continue to grow

  • Bad breath- bacteria harbored in the gum pockets

  • Gingivitis- inflammation of the gums

  • Periodontitis- gum disease that destroys the bone under the gums

Dental Exams Give Us Information

What can you expect?

Lady brushing her teeth

With our thorough dental check-up exams, we are able to observe what state of your teeth and gums and exam for oral cancer.

  • Teeth deformities

  • Unbalanced bites, which can lead to further issues

  • Signs of gum problems or disease

  • Oral cancer screening

Bacteria in the gums and teeth can be released into the bloodstream and increase the probability of developing heart disease and diabetes.

As we focus on your individual needs during your appointment, we welcome any questions or concerns you may have. We would love to help you achieve the superior oral health you have always wanted. Schedule your cleaning and consultation today!

Lady brushing her teeth

It is very refreshing to be in the care of such a caring, thoughtful, and extremely efficient dental hygienist...I felt very comfortable and relaxed.

Leona, Actual Patient

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