Do you or a family member enjoy playing sports? Do you or your family know the importance of wearing a mouthguard? Many sporting organizations actually require participants to wear mouthguards during practices and competitions. Some sports players even choose to wear mouthguards during non-competitive sports. As one of the most caring and thorough dentists Visalia CA has to offer, Dr. Michael Bodensteiner truly cares about protecting your teeth from sports accidents.For that reason, we offer customized sports mouthguards to our sport-loving patients!

Avoidable Accidents

Not only do sports mouthguards save your front teeth, they also prevent the following incidents:
– Tooth fractures
– Cheek/Gum/Tongue lesions
– Concussions
– Gum and soft tissue injuries

Mouthguards are mainly created to protect the teeth, but they can also greatly reduce the amount of force transmitted from the impact point of the jaw to the central nervous system. Also, mouth guards may help decrease the risk of traumatic brain injury.

The National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety reports, “An athlete is 60 times more likely to sustain damage to the teeth when not wearing a protective mouth guard.”

Best Option

You may be able to find a ready-made or stock mouthguard at a local drugstore. Boil and bite mouth guards are also commonly used. However, customized mouthguards made at our dental office definitely provide the maximum level of protection. We start by making impressions of either the bottom or top teeth. Next, we create the customized mouthguard from the impressions made. The patient is able to see within a week how well the mouthguard fits and if its good for their bite.

Dr. Michael Bodensteiner finds the most optimal fit possible, leading to patients commenting on how comfortable the sports mouthguard is. We know there are many Visalia dentists to choose from. Protect your family’s precious smile with a customized sports mouthguard and schedule your consult today with one of the best dentists in Visalia!